Déphasage is a radio show I have created in november 2010 with the sole objective to share out of scope, unusual, experimental music and other usually associated adjectives to qualify what is unspeakable. After its beginnings during a short period of time on Radio Campus Angers from november 2010 to march 2011, it begun again in december 2012 on Radio Campus Bordeaux to end in june 2018. I was joined by Thomas Darrouzet, Simon Lehmans, Max Perreira, Timothée Rémi and Quentin Guy from march 2016.

Weekly, the hour of airing made it possible to introduce and to make the audience listen to a wide variety of artists and labels from this undefined perimeter. Sometime, guests would come to talk about their work directly. In 2014 and 2015, I’ve organised the Rencontres Déphasées which would allow musicians to meet during the show to improvise together.

All of the shows can be listened on the blog or straight from the Mixcloud . Only the playlists of the shows without guests are online, not their associated podcasts, however the texts of each host can be read on the blog.